The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Employment Security Act provides $250 billion for states to expand unemployment benefits
  • Adds $600 per week
  • Provides possible extension of benefits for 13 weeks
  • Adds self-employed, independent contractors and gig workers — Click here to Learn More

Expansion of unemployment benefits

The CARES Act provides relief and support for workers affected by the Coronavirus/Covid-19 emergency.

What new benefits are provided:

  • Everyone who qualifies through July 31, 2020 receives an extra $600 per week to whatever they would normally receive
    • Benefits start immediately because waiting periods imposed by your state are required to be waived
  • An extension for 13 weeks beyond your state allows, if you qualify

Who can can receive unemployment benefits:

  • Anyone who is entitled to their states unemployment benefits in their state.
  • If you were entitled to benefits without the Coronavirus/Corvid-19 emergency you are still entitled to those benefits

How to apply:

  • Apply however your state requires unemployment applications to be filed
    • Online is probably best at the home page for your state
    • Go to an unemployemnt office
    • Call an office

Self-employed, independent contractors and gig workers Click here to Learn More

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